March 16, 2017, Nuremberg– At Embedded World 2017 today,Advantech (2395.TW), along with ArcherMind and other 8 companies announced that they are forming the Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA). ELAA is committed to driving standardized board adoption of an open and unified architecture for embedded Linux and Android OS. ArcherMind Technology and other members will help ELAA advance industrial standards and the open-source community, which will empower Linux and Android adoption in embedded and industrial IoT applications, so that benefit hardware and software developers and end users.


In the IoT era, with the lack of standards on the software and hardware side and a weak eco-system in the embedded market for Linux or Android based solution, means that the ELAA is well equipped to drive the standardized board adoption of an open and unified architecture for embedded Linux and Android OS for industrial embedded application. As a software value-added integration service partner, based on top of ELAA Unified Development Platform, ArcherMind Technology provides tailor-made hardware and software services for embedded Linux or Android OS and help customers develop the software value-added services for their applications. Now, ArcherMind Technology is providing a Dual-screen solution based on ELAA Unified Development Platform.

With support from ELAA, we believe an open hardware and software architecture with strong eco-system can deliver extra value to the next generation of embedded and industrial IoT applications. Together with ELAA, ArcherMind Technology is committed to promoting a unified Linux and Android hardware and software development platform,to provide customers with more secure services, and to help customers achieve the goal of reducing application development risks and rapid listing.

ArcherMind Technologies (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. (stock code: 300598) was established in 2006. As a leading provider of mobile device software and total solutions, ArcherMind is committed to providing solutions to global customers for the entire lifecycle of mobile devices. Basing on main-stream mobile OS, ArcherMind provides software development and technical support service, mobile device platform total solution, mobile internet software development and operation service. ArcherMind program leader said:”The ARM ecosystem plus sensors and connectivity make our lives easier and more colorful. This will make industrial security and standards in the ARM ecosystem very important in the next 10 years. As a member of ELAA, ArcherMind commits to collaborate with ELAA and all members to leverage the ELAA Unified Development Platform to develop more secure applications.”