Over 10 years’ experience on graphic imaging technology accumulation and innovation, ArcherMind has a professional vision R & D team of more than 500 people, and builds four image tuning labs and one automotive vision lab. Based on the profound accumulation and continuous innovation of graphic imaging technology, ArcherMind provides turnkey machine vision solutions for intelligent terminal, automobile, IoT, XR, manufacturing, security and other industries.

R & D Team

Turnkey delivery team of 500+ visual engineers


Nanjing | Shanghai | Shenzhen | Beijing
Wuhan | Xi’an | Chengdu

Camera Lab

As the supplier of camera debugging technical support authorized by Qualcomm, NVIDIA, MediaTek, Spreadtrum and other chip platforms, ArcherMind builds five image tuning labs in Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi’an and these labs are equipped with professional camera tuning teams.

Service Items

Automotive Vision Lab

Targeting at the pain points of intelligent vehicles market, the lab will provide customers with image quality optimization, intelligent driving machine algorithm recognition, and verification for intelligent driving as well as other solutions.

  • Verify the basic performance of the image module on NVIDIA platform, ensure the performance of stability, adaptability and authenticity;
  • Adopt laboratory supporting optical test equipment, high dynamic test kit and other vehicles to realize the test and verification of the experimental scene and improve the passing rate of vehicle road test;
  • Make a professional evaluation report for different hardwares, algorithms and application scenarios.

Hardware Platform

  • Qualcomm8155
  • Qualcomm8295


  • Guide the selection and design of camera components
  • Answer to NVIDIA platform ISP related questions
  • Adaptation evaluation and development guidance of customer camera ISP solutions on NVIDIA platform

Machine Invision

Face Recognition Technology

Face search

Face comparison

Liveness detection

Real-name authentication

3D Imaging Technology

3D stereo imaging

3D modeling

Multi-target sensor calibration and depth estimation

Image Recognition Technology

Scene recognition

Image clustering

Object recognition

VSLAM Technology

Autonomous navigation

Map reconstruction

Synchronous positioning

Special Effects Technology

Filter (dynamic/static)

Portrait effects

AR special effects

Adaptive Light Control Sensing Technology

Multi-modal and multi-dimensional fusion

Scene adaptation

Image Enhancement Technology

Dark light shooting

HDR technology

Detail enhancement

Anti-shake technology

De-fogging technology

Out-of-focus repair

Human Analysis Technology

Human detection and tracking

People traffic statistics

Key point positioning

Behavior Analysis

Attribute identification

Portrait segmentation

Fingertip detection

Gesture recognition

SW Coverage

CAM application customization

CAM application development

3rd algorithm integration

Other function customization


Sensor ,eeprom and drive IC

OTP data read and write

Performance stability tuning


DSP development and tuning

Hal3 development

Dual camera 3A sync

Dual camera frame synchronization

3rd algorithm integration

ISP tuning

Chip platform adaptation and deployment




CAM 应用定制

CAM 应用开发

Hal3 开发

双摄 3A 同步

3rd 算法集成


ISP Tuning

Sensor,EEPROM and Drive IC

OTP 数据读写



DSP 开发调优





AI Algorithm Capability

Intelligent search algorithm

Customers can use their product photos to search for similar products on HP.

NEC road crack detection algorithm

Build a model to understand the crack properties in advance;
Set up with camera and analyze road crack to give cracks alert.

Human detection and tracking algorithm

Collect sales data and analyze customer trends;
Beware of suspicious customers.

Intelligent face authentication algorithm

Up to 5000+ faces can be recognized;Up to 1000 clients are supported;
Fast recognition within one second;Simultaneous recognition of multiple faces in dark environment;
Identify students’ state (standing / sitting / sleeping);
Analyze students’ facial expressions and report to teachers.

Machine Vision Industry Solutions

Chip and image module support