January 20, 2017, ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Initial public offering of sotcks and list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM(Stock name:诚迈科技,Stock code:300598). At 9:25am, ArcherMind Technology Chairman Mr. Wang Jiping and government leaders together to ring the opening bell, which is another important milestone of the company’s development process. Listing is not only an affirmation of past achievements, but also the challenges of the future, we will assume a greater responsibility, sparing no effort to move forward!


ArcherMind Technology is a leading provider of software technology services of mobile intelligent terminal industry chain. The major business is to provide the related software technology services, software development and sales of mobile intelligent terminal industry chain. Raised funds are respectively used to invest in mobile terminal innovation center construction projects and capacity expansion project of mobile chip software solutions.

Ten years,from fledgling to industry leader


In 2006, ArcherMind was set up to focus on Linux-based software development services;

In 2007, began Android system mobile terminal software technology research and development;

In 2008, started the research and development of mobile chip and mobile terminal software solution based on Android system, and expanded the overseas mobile intelligent terminal software technology service market to become one of the world’s first Android software service providers.

In 2009, to develop the domestic mobile terminal software technology services market, to help Huawei develop the first domestic Android system smart phones, to participate in research and development of China Mobile oPhone system, and to establish cooperation relations with TCL ;

In 2010, began to provide services for Intel, MTK, Broadcom and other world-famous mobile chip vendors,established the ODC for TCL, launched the world’s first Android-based vehicle system solutions, and participated in the research and development of MTK first generation Android Turnkey solution;

In 2011, further cooperated with mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers and mobile Internet vendors, ArcherMind Technology became Intel’s important partner in the field of mobile chip,established the ODC for MTK, developed the e-book system solutions based on Android system;

In 2012,established the cooperation relationship with HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola and other customers, providing technical services for mobile chip manufacturers and mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers, established the ODC for Intel,and developed the Android-based smart phone system for the blind and low-vision users;

In 2013, ArcherMind Technology has formed a complete service capability of mobile intelligent terminal industry chain, the development of Android-based in-vehicle infotainment system solutions and to provide services for Yanfeng Visteon and other vehicle intelligent terminal manufacturers;

In 2014, in-depth cooperated with mobile chip manufacturers, mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers and mobile Internet manufacturers,  ArcherMind Technology became Intel world’s preferred software provider, established the ODC for Huawei, and established a “joint testing laboratory” with Alibaba;

In 2015, ArcherMind Technology became Intel “Manufacturing base in China” partner, established cooperative relations with LeTV, Meizu and other mobile smart terminal manufacturers,the industrial chain customers became more diversified .

In 2017, ArcherMind Technology initial public offering of stocks and listed on GEM!

To build the core competitiveness, become powerful and blue chip.


At the beginning, ArcherMind technology timely seized the opportunity of Google Android system releasing to become one of the world’s first Android software service providers, owned a leading technology advantage. ArcherMind technology has accumulated a deep technical experience, created a high level exquisite research and development team. Rooted in the mobile field for ten years, ArcherMind technology has mastered the core technology and top talent, to provide customers with competitive solutions, and won a good reputation in the industry.


After ten years of efforts, the “ArcherMind dream” finally comes ture. Over the years, ArcherMind Technology continuously improve its own advantages in the mobile field of innovation and exploration, based on the international industrial structure, firmly grasp the opportunity of flourishing global mobile terminal equipment market, to become the industry pioneer. In 2017, listed on the market is a new starting point of ArcherMind Technology, we will strive to create new glories!