ArcherMind Wukong™ OS is a flexible intelligent hardware operating system. Based on this operating system, intelligent device manufactures can focus on the upper level of software development that can benefit a rapid development of the cost-effective intelligent device.
This operating system has reconstructed the integrity of Android systems with the following characteristics:

Configurable cut

Configurable update

System reinforce

Supports the mainstream
chip platforms

Reliable test stability

Feature enhancement
on proprietary solution


Support various software and hardware platforms

Support various mainstream hardware platforms and Android versions

ArcherMind Wukong™OS fit for various mainstream hardware platforms, supports the latest Android version .

Adapt to demand, flexible and rapidly

Fit for various intelligent devices, the customization process is flexible and rapid.

Through the depth tailoring, optimization and customization of the Android protogenic communication, multimedia, system components, ArcherMind Wukong™OS can meet the various customization demands of intelligent devices.

Standardized test, stable and reliable

Through the strict system test, provide a stable and reliable operating system. Each independent module of ArcherMind Wukong™OS
has passed the strict system test. According to the product requirements, integrate, optimize and customize the functions, applying
the product quality control to ensure the consigned operating system is stable and reliable.