MediaTek Labs Partner Connect

ArcherMind as a chip ecosystem partner of MediaTek, it starts a full range of cooperation in the field of intelligent wearable and IoT. ArcherMind supports the MediaTek Labs Partner Connect program, to implement the rapid commoditization of wearable and IoT prototype equipment.
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EVB Development Board

As the MTK development board sales and technical service provider that authorized by MediaTek, ArcherMind sells the MTK latest development board through the official website: mtk.archermind.comserving the master chip manufacturers of MediaTek, providing them with a complete set of technical support services, to implement the rapid renewal of technology and product.
Together with MeidaTek to open up a new pattern of IoT Chip Ecosystem.
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96Boards Development Board

AlphaSTAR is founded and operated by ArcherMind Technology. Based on cutting-edge technology, it is an innovation platform designed to promote open source culture, open platform specifications and ecological development. AlphaSTAR open source team provides open platform specifications design, production and sale, and also provides services such as software and hardware customization, products production and technical support.
ArcherMind has joined the Linaro 96Boards Steering Committee. Authorized by MediaTek, ArcherMind officially launched the first 96Boards product — MediaTek X20 Development Board, based on ARMv8 product.
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