ArcherMind has been deeply involved in providing worldclass intelligent cockpit solutions for automotive industry for many years. Based on its rich embedded OS technology background ArcherMind provides one-stop intelligent cockpit solutions for global OEMs and Tier1s and contributes to the automotive electronics technology innovation globally.

Intelligent Cockpit EX4.0

ArcherMind integrates the technologies of OS, chip, algorithms, applications, cloud, etc. and deeply integrates intelligent connected vehicle technologies such as IVI, cluster, and machine vision to create a new intelligent cockpit platform Ex4.0 (Exceed Expectation). Based on safety, EX4.0 understands the needs of users, and provides a highly optimized intelligent connected vehicle user experience.

  • Chip platforms: Qualcomm 8155/6155/820, Renesas Rcar H3/M3, MTK 2712, Intel Apollolake
  • Internet of Vehicles X-Set Solutions: Baidu DuerOS, online services, V2I
  • Security solutions: Left and right blinding (instrument), face recognition, driving monitoring system
  • ADAS solutions: Object recognition, AR HUD, FFC, APA, LDWS, FCWS
  • OTA solutions: OTA management platform, OTA communication protocol, OTA upgrade system
  • Customized HMI development: 2D/3D cool experience

Hypervisor Benchmark System

Based on the Hypervisor virtualization software environment to perform in-depth simulation of the OS bottom layer and modules, ArcherMind provides mass production scientific data analysis.

  • Verify the feasibility of the Hypervisor-based intelligent cockpit scheme
  • System performance subdivision scenarios building, simulate test, verify and optimize for different hardware environments
  • Provide scientific data analysis of mass production feasibility
  • Support multiple platforms (Qualcomm, Renesas, Mediatek, Intel)
  • Support multiple operating systems (QNX, Android, Linux)
  • Provide performance comparison before and after optimization to ensure the accuracy of R&D and mass production strategy judgment

Chip and OS Technical Support Package

As a technical support partner of Qualcomm, Renesas, MediaTek, Intel and other chip manufacturers, ArcherMind is familiar with multiple operating systems (QNX, Android, AliOS, Linux), to provide a unified and professional technical support services.

  • Hardware review and hardware board development
  • Code Release and version management
  • Comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of QNX + Android + AliOS issues
  • Comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of Qualcomm, Renesas, MediaTek, Intel issues
  • Technical solutions and support for HAL Drivers, FW, APP)
  • Consulting support for new demand assessment-technical service contract
  • Chip + QNX + Android + AliOS technical support package
  • Flexible cooperation mode: Case/Hour mode