ArcherMind has extensive software testing experience in the automotive electronics field. All projects are managed based on the CMMI Level 5 process, guided by ASPICE3. Our Experienced test engineers, in-vehicle test environments, and test tools can meet different customer demands. ArcherMind provides test solutions on CAN/UDS which includes IVI system, cluster, T-BOX, BMS and other cockpit products.

IVI Test Plan

HUD Test Plan

  • Defined function modules including:Driving computer, Multimedia, Telephone, Navigation etc.

Cluster Test Plan

Physical layer

Uses oscillograph to test CAN H and CAN L waveforms, mainly checking the dominant/recessive voltage, bit time and other parameters; use CAN Stress and CANoe to test sampling points, CAN Bus Off recovery mechanism and so on.


working mode, key switching, temperature display, total mileage / sub mileage display logic, available driving mileage display logic, driving computer display logic, average/instantaneous fuel consumption/electricity display logic, signal timeout and recovery processing, abnormal voltage and recovery processing

Power management

normal working voltage cluster status, each module state of high and low voltage range cluster, cluster status outside the high and low voltage range, sampling point near threshold voltage, high and low voltage start, CAN communication voltage range, static electric current test

Alarm lamp

Lighting logic, color and brightness, display time and position, flashing frequency and alarm tone, signal timeout and recovery processing, abnormal voltage and recovery processing, etc

Network management

DUT ring construction stability, whether to send sleep identification bit when meeting the sleep condition, etc

UDS diagnosis

positive response, negative response, correlation time, error code

Ethernet Test Plan

  • Conformance test
  • AVB test
  • AVB / TSN simulation

Pre-Certification Test Plan

  • The Carplay test

  • CTS certification test

  • VTS certification test

  • Carplay certification test

  • MFI certification test

  • Android auto certification test

Automatic Test Plan

  • ZAC automatic test

  • Performance automatic test

  • Stable automatic test

  • Memory leak automatic test

  • Interface automation test