ArcherMind has the complete R&D capabilities of mainstream operating systems, is familiar with major chip platforms, supports mainstream algorithm integration, provides intelligent voice, machine vision, and natural language processing customized AI industry solutions for each subsector industry.

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AI speakers

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Smart Manufacturing

AI quality inspection

Smart phone

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Smart Retail

AI passenger flow analysis

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AI Identity Identification

Smart Security

AI Security
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Smart City/Government

Smart building

Screen Speaker Solution

Through voice interaction, the next-generation speaker solution realizes information searching, user comand understanding, and multiple rounds of interaction in one search process. Users can control smart devices through voice, watch digital media content and view home environment data through the screen. The program supports customized functions, content resources, wake-up words, etc.

Advantages: 2.4G / 5G dual-mode WIFI, Excellent audiovisual

Face Recognition Software Solution

The solution realizes intelligent management of human flow data based on the face recognition algorithm by accessing the digital face snapshot machine, including dynamic and static face collection, retrieval, comparison, analysis, and judgment , which can be applied to scenic spots, parks, construction sites and other scenes.

Advantages: High concurrency, Support various industrial hardware specifications

Word Embedding Analysis Software Solution

Based on AI technologies including:NLP, big data storage & analysis etc., the solution can mine and judge article vectors, events and key figures of over 8000+ media platforms, then generates aggregated information to provide data visualization service for enterprises, finance, news media and other industries.

Advantages: Real-time, Data visualization, Customization

Intelligent In-vehicle Software Solution

Deeply intergrates intelligent voice technol, machine vision technologies and in-vehicle solutions, to realize advanced intelligent software solutions, such as vehicle live face unlocking, fatigue driving reminder, lane departure warning, proximity warning, automatic parking etc.

Advantages: Safe, Convenient and Customized